Breaking Chains

Several years ago I learned that my city, Portland, Oregon, has the unfortunate distinction of being one of the major sex-trafficking cities in America. This absolutely shocked me! I didn't even know this horrible industry existed. The more I learned about sex trafficking, the more my heart broke for the girls caught in this world.












Etch breaking chains #breakingchains Etch breaking chains #breakingchains

I started working with Door to Grace, an organization that reaches out to survivors of sex-trafficking in Portland. Through this process though, I realized that we all have chains in our lives that need to be broken. Whether it is an addiction, illness, relationship, self-image or anything else, we all have something that binds us, and that's what the Breaking Chains bracelet represents. A portion of proceeds from each bracelet is donated to Door to Grace. Take a stand and show your commitment to breaking figurative chains in your own life while helping victims of the sex trade break free from their literal chains.


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